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Springtime Steelhead on the Fraser River


Let’s go Steelheading! Well folks, its that time of year again. Time to renew your fishing license if you haven’t already done so. April is my favorite month, the crowds on our local rivers seem to dissipate as quite a few people don’t renew their licenses right away. The steelhead are in full swing and very aggressive, seemingly striking with reckless abandon, this makes for some exciting fishing. April is also one of the best months for swinging flies for these supercharged rainbows. If you’ve been dreaming of catching your first steelhead, now is the time to chase that dream, whether it be on gear of the fly, now is the primest of prime times. We can help you to achieve that dream, we are masters at teaching people how to fish and will work diligently to help you achieve your steelheading goal. So drop us a line if you want to get hooked up, we would be more than  happy to help, we offer walk and wade trips for up to 3 people. See you out there, and tight lines. Johnny

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