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Hi, i'm John Waring and I'm the owner operator of Johnny's Sport Fishing. I've been a full-time Sturgeon fishing guide since 1997. I've lived in Chilliwack, British Columbia Canada my whole life and have been fishing this area since I was 5 years old. My entire life, since the age of five has revolved around fishing, from Trout to Salmon to Sturgeon and everything in between. My dad used to drive me all around and sit in the car and read while I fished. Everything I have learned, it's from a lifetime of trial and error.

Over the years I've gained a vast amount of experience that has helped me to become one of the most consistent producing Sturgeon fishing charters on the Fraser River. I don't have a day job, this is my job. Even on my days off, I still head out to the Fraser River to go fishing. Quite simply, it could be no other way. I love meeting new people I'm making new friends, and showing people how to catch fish.

After all these years, I'm still grateful for every day spent on the water with new friends. Each day brings new experiences and providing people with these experiences is what drives me each and every day. I believe there's no such thing as strangers, only friends I haven't met yet.

John Waring professional white sturgeon fishing guide


21 years of guiding experience on the Fraser River
98% success rate on our guided trips
Able to target the largest Sturgeon

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Fishing in a fun & relaxed environment
No experience required!
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We have you covered from airport
pickup/drop off 
to hotel booking

Fraser river guide boat


 Brand new 22' jet boat
 Top of the line fish finding gear
 Custom built rods for giant Sturgeon!

Check out our Fishing Report to get caught up on the latest conditions on the Fraser River and highlights from our recent trips!

Fishing for Fraser River Sturgeon

client fishing sturgeon in chilliwack, bc

Fishing for Fraser River Sturgeon is an exercise in patient anticipation, followed by shear willpower and determination trying to bring these monsters to the boat. No fish on earth fights like the mighty White Sturgeon!

Although fishing for Fraser River Sturgeon is viable year round, the peak season is March through to the end of November. From March to April, the Sturgeon are starting to wake from their winter slumber and eager to start feeding again. From May to June the Fraser River is on the rise due to the spring freshet and the fish are active and on the move. From July to August, river conditions are prime and the salmon are starting to make their way up the river triggering the sturgeon into full feeding mode. From September to the end of November the peak salmon season is in full swing and the sturgeon are getting their final feed on before heading into winter.

Follow this link for more detailed information on fishing for Sturgeon.

huge fraser river sturgeon
Three guests pose for picture with white sturgeon

What people are saying!

Fraser Sturgeon Guides

Alberta Boys


Me and some friends decided on a weekend fishing getaway. It was well worth the trip as John had us on some real good monster Sturgeon. He is a very easy going guy and has a great boat so no worries about breaking down. Also knows the fish in the area and where they hide. It’s going to be a yearly trip only with Johnny’s Sport Fishing, the best Sturgeon Fishing Guide on the Fraser River. Thanks John!

sturgeon fishing review

David Mainwaring


We had a great days fishing with Johnny. His expertise and determination resulted in a fantastic sturgeon at the end of the day to add to the others caught in the morning. John is a great guy who puts you at ease and is also tremendously knowledgeable about both the Fraser River Sturgeon and the local area. If you want some fantastic Sturgeon fishing in the company of a good guide then look no further.

sturgeon fishing charter

Christine Mn


As a beginner I needed a lot of guidance. Johnny was so super patient and gave me superb guidance while still allowing me to learn. Also, he knew all the best spots because he grew up around the Fraser River area. Plus the day was so fun! Would definitely recommend Johnny as your Fraser River Sturgeon fishing guide!

Guys are happy to catch large sturgeon
Fun day on the river catching sturgeon


With over 20 years experience as a fishing guide for trophy Fraser River Sturgeon, we will provide a world class professional fishing experience. From beginner to expert, our professional, experienced guides will work with you to help you catch your giant sturgeon. From single anglers to families with children, to large corporate groups, we can take care of it all. In all honesty, our guides want you to catch a fish more than you do, and work hard to deliver.


starting at $700
  • 4 Hour - 1 to 2 person is $700
  • 4 Hour - 3 person is $800
  • 4 Hour - 4 person is $900
  • 4 Hour - 5 person is $1000
  • Gear & Bait Supplied
  • GST and gratuities not included


starting at $900
  • 6 Hour - 1 to 2 person is $900
  • 6 Hour - 3 person is $1000
  • 6 Hour - 4 person is $1100
  • 6 Hour - 5 person is $1,200
  • Gear & Bait Supplied
  • GST and gratuities not included


starting at $1,100
  • 8 Hour - 1 to 2 person is $1,100
  • 8 Hour - 3 person is $1,200
  • 8 Hour - 4 person is $1,300
  • 8 Hour - 5 person is $1,400
  • Gear & Bait Supplied
  • GST and gratuities not included