Our Sturgeon Fishing Report aims to be your number one resource for the latest up to date water conditions, bait we are using and on the water highlights. Conditions are constantly changing, as such it's always best to keep informed of what's going on before you head out as this enables you to increase your odds of hooking up.

Three guys catch sturgeon

Consistent Fishing

Jan 30, 2022

Well, we certainly had some fantastic weather. It was almost like spring had made a sudden arrival. Beautiful sun and perfect temperatures, definitely help the local Rivers shape up.


The Vedder River had been quite cloudy from mid river down , but this streak of nice weather helped it shape up beautifully. Clarity was up to three feet at times, with a nice nice emerald green hue, it was almost perfect.

The high water earlier this season seems to have changed the course of the entire system. In my opinion , I would say it's an improvement. So much beautiful water for both gear and spey fishermen. All one has to do is get out there and start exploring.

This last couple of weeks have been producing some very nice fish. There are fish throughout the River from the lower right up to the top.

Being caught on everything from roe and prawns, to soft beads, rubber worms and jigs.


The Fraser River is ice free , has been for a while now. The water is fairly cold and clear, and the sturgeon are in their winter lies.

During the winter months the Sturgeon fishing is quite good. With multiple fish days being normal. It's not uncommon to have double-digit days.

Best baits to use are Salmon eggs, Lamprey, and Eulachon. Salmon meat will also work to some degree. The sturgeon aren't as picky during these winter months , is food is at a premium.

Fishing will stay good until April, when it will light up and become incredible, as the sturgeon feast on the Eulachon that will enter the river.

I'll be running trips from mid-February onward. During these trips guests will be able to participate in the scanning and tagging of the white Sturgeon. With concentrated fish and high catch numbers, it's a great time to get clients acquainted with the tagging program.


Consistent Fishing

Jan 11, 2022

Well 2022 is certainly started off with a bang. From flooding to snow and freezing rain, it is certainly been a challenging time for most of us here in the Fraser Valley.

The Vedder River has seen some of the highest water ever, which has resulted in a completely different River. Almost every section of the river is now different than it was. A new slide up river is making sure that the lower section stays permanently colored. It's these changes that has caused the boxing day Steelhead Derby to be postponed. The steelhead seem to be few and far between for the anglers plying their wares.

The Fraser River has been full of ice and unfishable because of such. With the warming temperatures the river should clear up soon enough, and I can get back to tagging juvenile sturgeon. Winter fishing for sturgeon can be highly productive. The sturgeon like to overwinter in certain spots, which makes for a high concentration of fish in a small area.

Although the sturgeon seem to not be too picky throughout the winter, the best baits seem to be Lamprey and Salmon eggs. Once the sturgeon are located, it usually doesn't take very long for them to find your bait.

During the 2021 season, my clients got to experience some incredible fishing. Everything was perfect, water levels, weather, and the fish being cooperative. There were lots of large sturgeon willing to eat. I was fortunate enough to make new friends and create new memories for my clients.

Also with travel restrictions being relaxed, some of my overseas clients were able to make it. I was fortunate enough to have clients from as far away as Austria and England. Being able to share my passion with people from all over the world is a blessing for me.

2022 is full of promise, I look forward to sharing this experience with old and new friends from near and far. I wish a prosperous year to all.

Sturgeon Charter guests catch big fish

Consistent Fishing

June 21, 2021

The Fraser River is in fine shape , and has been for the last little while. It rose slightly on Saturday ,but by Sunday had dropped slightly. There is not much debris at all , making for some great fishing.

Sturgeon fishing has been fairly consistent. I have been averaging 5 fish on a day. With some large fish . I just finished 4 days of guiding and ended up with 5 fish over 8' along with the others.

Top baits have remained the same. Lamprey and Salmon eggs. I am still looking for inside edges and seams to fish. Fairly shallow. 8-15' generally. The takes and the first run on shallow water is something to be experienced. The Fraser River should start to continually drop soon, shaping up for some fantastic fishing.

Group of guys enjoying sturgeon fishing charter

Is Freshet over?

June 14, 2021

The Fraser River is on the drop at the moment. Is that it for the freshet ? Hard to say , it’s been a bit of a drawn out process this season. With the river rising and dropping several times. Hopefully it has one more rise to keep the water temperature cool heading into summer.

Now onto the fishing. Sturgeon fishing has remained strong. I seem to be averaging 5-7 fish a day , with at least one or two sizable fish per day. Top baits have still been single salmon eggs Lamprey , and crayfish. Each one seems to randomly have it’s day and out fish the others , but that varies from day to day.

One should still be looking for slow edges , inside corners , and anywhere you can get out of the main flow. Although there isn’t much for surface debris , there is still a fair amount of leaves in the water. If you reel in your lines and they’re stacked with leaves , it’s time to move to a quieter spot.

Once everything comes together , and you have good bait , it shouldn’t take long for the fish to find your offering.

Two guys hold up a sturgeon and take a picture

Massive Fish Lost!

June 08, 2021

The Fraser River is on the rise again. It rose a couple feet over night. I guided on Saturday and Sunday, and the river was considerably higher on Sunday. With that being said, I think the river will be on the rise for little bit this time. With the hot weather, rain and continued freshet, I would expect it to rise until the peak this time.

With that being said , Sturgeon fishing has remained consistent through the rise. I have been averaging 5-8 fish a day as of late. Rope baits have been lamprey and salmon eggs. Getting out of the debris flow is paramount to daily success. One has to think "outside the box" to enjoy consistent success. Looking for inside corners , slicks behind islands, or any break in the current. The main flow is out of the question at the moment. If one reels in his line and their line with leaves stacked on it, you're in the wrong spot and it's time to move on.

Average size have been roughly five or so feet in length. The Sturgeon have been fighting exceptionally hard lately. After landing a five footer, I'm not sure one would want to hook something bigger.

On Sunday, my clients hooked a MASSIVE fish! They fought it for 90 minutes, trading off on the rod and we never saw it once. It finally went under a log on the bottom and broke us off, a fish tale for sure. It would have been nice to have at least seen the Sturgeon, but it wasn't in the cards this time. It's an experience like that, that leaves us in awe and keeps one coming back. Unfinished business for sure!

fraser river sturgeon fishing

Steady Action Continues

May 31, 2021

The Fraser River has bumped up slightly since my last report. There is a little debris, but it's not too bad. I would still recommend exercising caution when navigating the river, especially if one is new to boating or to running the river. Fishing for Sturgeon however, has remained good through the freshet.

Average size has been around 5-6 feet , or 50-100+ lbs. The Sturgeon have been particularly feisty as of late and seem to be punching above their weight class which is nice to see them healthy and strong. Baits have still been salmon eggs, lamprey and crayfish.

With the higher water levels, I find the Sturgeon fishing to be a bit more technical. Productive spots become more precise with the debris in the water. The game definitely changes. It will be the angler who pays attention to detail that will enjoy the best success. Fishing should remain strong through June.

Sturgeon Fishing Sunny Fraser River

High Water and Multiple Fish Days

May 17, 2021

The Fraser River seemed to have leveled off for a couple weeks. This helped clear out the debris , making the river easier to navigate , and also causing the Sturgeon to bite a little better.

Sturgeon fishing has been very good as of late. Although the number per day is down from April , I am still averaging 4-7 fish a day. The upside , is that the Sturgeon I am getting now are much larger in size , putting up a colossal battle.  Each fish will test an anglers willpower for sure. I have been getting fish in the 7' size range daily. With a few bigger ones thrown into the mix.

Top baits have been eggs , lamprey, and worms , with a worm/lamprey combo being my favorite. If fishing on the salt side Eulachons will work as well. Look for slower water and give it a try. Hopefully this helps with ones fishy success.

three guys catch a sturgeon

The Eulachon run has arrived

May 11, 2021

The Fraser River seemed to have leveled off for a couple weeks. This helped clear out the debris , making the river easier to navigate , and also causing the Sturgeon to bite a little better.

Sturgeon fishing has been very good as of late. Although the number per day is down from April, I am still averaging 4-7 fish a day. The upside , is that the Sturgeon I am getting now are much larger in size , putting up a colossal battle.  Each fish will test an anglers willpower for sure. I have been getting fish in the 7' size range daily. With a few bigger ones thrown into the mix.

Top baits have been eggs , lamprey, and worms , with a worm/lamprey combo being my favorite. If fishing on the salt side Eulachons will work as well. Look for slower water and give it a try. Hopefully this helps with ones fishy success.

Sturgeon double header

Non-stop Sturgeon Action!

May 03, 2021

Sturgeon fishing has remained strong over the last few weeks and I have been averaging 12-18 fish a day. Most of the action seems to be in the morning, with a bit of a lull in the afternoon which is good  because by that time my clients arms need a rest. The Sturgeon are still feeding in the shallows an I have been fishing depths as shallow as six feet of water. I have even witnessed Sturgeon feeding in as little as 18 inches of water. With its tail sticking out of the water as it swam.

Having good bait has been paramount in ones success. Second rate bait and you may be having a slow day. Where does one get the prime fresh bait of choice? Well, a guy needs some secrets.

River level has dropped slightly, which is perfect for Sturgeon fishing. The dropping river level has also reduced the amount of debris in the river, making it a little more forgiving for the less experienced to navigate.  The Fraser River will get much higher in the next month or so as the snow begins to melt up county.

Guys catch fraser river sturgeon

Amazing Fishing and Weather

April 19, 2021

We have been experiencing some amazing weather as of late and it's supposed to continue. It couldn't be a better time to get out on the river and enjoy the sunshine, make some vitamin D, and catch a few fish while you're at it .

Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River has been excellent. Multiple fish days are the norm. The Sturgeon seem to average 4-5 feet with a few bigger ones thrown in. I have been averaging 8-12 Sturgeon a day. One can "warm up" on the smaller ones while waiting for the big fish.

The Fraser River is currently rising. It had leveled off for a short time, but now is on a steady rise and with that brings debris. There is quite a bit more in the river now and it's going to get worse. Boaters need to be on the lookout for submerged logs which would ruin a days fishing.

There seems to be a few more Eulachons in the river, but the bulk of the run hasn't arrived yet. Top baits have been Eulachon, eel , and salmon eggs.

I have been fishing both the salt and freshwater side of the Fraser. I have found the bite to be more committed on the salt water side (below Mission) with not much size difference in Sturgeon on either side of the boundary.

Group Catches Big Fraser River Sturgeon

River Is On The Rise

April 14, 2021

The Fraser River is on the rise. From one day to the next it rose several inches. Soon the river will be swollen from the snowmelt.

Fishing however, has been on fire. I fished for 4 hours one day and hooked 8, not a bad outing. The next day we fished 6 hours and hooked a respectable 12 fish. The Sturgeon are hungry and looking for food. Particularly the Eulachon, which seems to be steadily building in run size.

The Sturgeon have moved into shallower water to feed. I've been targeting water as shallow as nine feet deep. Most people seem to believe that one must fish the deepest part of the river for Sturgeon, but this simply isn't true. A good place to look is the slower water along the shoreline, out of the debris line. Although the Sturgeon will be in the deeper parts of the river, they seem to bit best where there is little debris coming down.

Best bait is Eulachon, which can be purchased at most tackle stores. Along with Eulachons I have also found lamprey and salmon eggs to be good producers.

Sturgeon fishing should be good right through May with the Sturgeon still opportunistically looking for food.

When navigating the rising Fraser River, one needs to be on the lookout for logs which can sometimes float just under the surface. It's a good idea to have one person as a spotter while driving. Thus minimizing any potentially dangerous situations.

Guys and Girl Catch Large Sturgeon

Fishing Is Heating Up

April 5, 2021

The river is slowly rising, which is good. The sooner we get the freshet over the better for fishing. This rising water will trigger the Sturgeon into moving into different sections of the river to feed. The water temperature is also rising, which contributes to the Sturgeon being triggered into feeding mode. When we started fishing the Fraser River the water temperature was a chilly 34 degrees. Now it's in the 40's. A significant change.

The rising water is also making it a bit easier to navigate for those who may not be as experienced running the river.  Now bear in mind one still has to exercise caution, but the river will be slightly more forgiving. If unsure, stick to the main current where the silt doesn't have time to settle.

Fishing for Sturgeon has been heating up  Multiple fish days and double hookups have been the norm and ten fish day is pretty standard. We have also been encountering what we call salty's. Sturgeon that come in from the ocean to feast on the Eulachon run. These Sturgeon are quite pale in colour, almost Albino looking  with a metallic sheen along their bodies. These Sturgeon when scanned, seem to have tag numbers the we don't see all season. Then see for a couple months during this time of the season we don't see them until the same time next season.

Best baits are still high quality salmon eggs, Eulachons and Lamprey. Most Sturgeon (for me anyway) have been caught on eggs. When fishing eggs, one doesn't have to wait as long on the bite to set the hook. Typically I wait until the rod is bent right over the set the hook, but with eggs, if the rod is moving I set it. Just a little tip that hopefully helps put a couple fish in your boat.

As we progress through April, I would concentrate my efforts on the slower shallower water along the shoreline. I hope this info is of use and put a few more fish in your boat.

Two fisherman take picture of double header Sturgeon

Fishing Was Fast And Furious!

March 27, 2021

The last couple of days were spent fishing a little lower down than I normally fish but with fantastic results. The bites were fast and furious in the morning with many double headers. The action seed to slow around noon but then pick back up. This seemed to be dependent on the tides, with the high slack and the turn the best times.

Bait of choice has still been salmon eggs, with a little Eulachon mixed in. Keeping your egg sacks small seemed to have the best results.

The water has warmed and taken on a slight bit of colour, which should get some fish moving out of their winter holds. We are in for several days of rain which should bring the river up making a little easier to navigate the skinny sections. Bear in mind, novice boaters should still exercise caution when running the Chilliwack section. There are still some fairly shallow water to navigate when heading out Sturgeon fishing.

With the anticipation of the coming Eulachon run which is the first feast of the season for the Sturgeon, they will start to get more active. Soon the Sturgeon will be moving into shallower water to feed on these tasty little treats. There is nothing quite like the explosiveness of a Sturgeon hooked in shallow water. April is the prime month for this fishing, just make sure you're holding on tight.

Guys and Girl Catch Large Sturgeon

Salmon Run Picking Up

July 19, 2019

For the last couple weeks of seeing the River rise drastically due to the flooding up country. Although the water has risen and there is a fair amount of debris, fishing remains strong. We seem to be catching between 3-7 fish a day.

There are lots of nice size fish around. We've been catching fish in the 7-foot range daily we're still many more in the 60 -120 lb range.

The salmon run seems to be picking up , with Sockeye entering the system and Chinook gaining a numbers . Although we can all fish for them at the moment, it provides a good  food source for the sturgeon. So we should see sturgeon fishing picking up in the next few weeks.

Three guys catch sturgeon

Fishing Has Been Epic!

May 10, 2019

Sturgeon fishing for the month of May has been nothing short of epic. The Eulachon run has been strong, and the fish have been feasting. We've been landing 7 to 10 fish a day on our slower days, and up to 20 on our better days. Average size has been close to 100 lb up to 270 lb. That would be about 5 to 8 feet in length.

Best baits have been Eulachon and salmon eggs. Great fishing should continue on through May. Water levels have been fantastic, we had a small rise of the river which brought some debris but the river level has stabilized now, and even dropped a little , making for perfect water conditions.

This season is shaping up nicely, and it's looking like it's going to be a fantastic season.