The river is slowly rising, which is good. The sooner we get the freshest over the better for fishing. This rising water will trigger the Sturgeon into moving into different sections of the river to feed. The water temperature is also rising, which contributes to the Sturgeon being triggered into feeding mode. When we started fishing the Fraser River the water temperature was a chilly 34 degrees. Now it’s in the 40’s. A significant change.

The rising water is also making it a bit easier to navigate for those who may not be as experienced running the river.  Now bear in mind one still has to exercise caution, but the river will be slightly more forgiving. If unsure, stick to the main current where the silt doesn’t have time to settle.
Fishing for Sturgeon has been heating up  Multiple fish days and double hookups have been the norm and ten fish day is pretty standard. We have also been encountering what we call salty’s. Sturgeon that come in from the ocean to feast on the Eulachon run. These Sturgeon are quite pale in colour, almost Albino looking  with a metallic sheen along their bodies. These Sturgeon when scanned, seem to have tag numbers the we don’t see all season. Then see for a couple months during this time of the season we don’t see them until the same time next season.
Best baits are still high quality salmon eggs, Eulachons and Lamprey. Most Sturgeon (for me anyway) have been caught on eggs. When fishing eggs, one doesn’t have to wait as long on the bite to set the hook. Typically I wait until the rod is bent right over the set the hook, but with eggs, if the rod is moving I set it. Just a little tip that hopefully helps put a couple fish in your boat.

As we progress through April, I would concentrate my efforts on the slower shallower water along the shoreline. I hope this info is of use and put a few more fish in your boat.