Life Lessons Learned From Fishing

Fishing is a hobby enjoyed by myself and by many others. Perhaps you have been fishing for years or are thinking of trying it out soon. It’s a great activity because not only do you get to spend it in the nature’s glory but you can also learn some valuable life lessons. These life lessons can benefit both children and adults alike and can be applied to various areas of life.

Patience is a Virtue

Fish don’t bite when you want them to and frequently they don’t bite right away. I’m counting on the fact that you most likely have to wait some time before you catch some fish. Whether you are an expert or beginner fisherman, you will still need to be patient. This is a great one for children because they are known for not exercising restraint, so this is a great opportunity to teach them the power of patience.

Lesson: Good things come to those who wait

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

This phrase applies fully to fishing. Those who have prepared a plan, supplies and are the early ones out are most likely to catch fish. This applies to many other goals in life as well. You may well feel like doing other things but putting the time into a solid plan and jumping on things early can very well pay off big in the end. Also, having a contingency plan will help if things go awry with plan A.

Lesson: Be prepared and have a contingency plan

Be Motivated

If you want to catch more fish and bigger fish you will need to keep learning, practicing and researching. What drives this is your motivation. Being able to kick your motivation into high gear and keep it running hot will ensure you have success in meeting other goals in life as well. 

Lesson: Anything worth having is worth working for

If You Fail, Try Again

You research, learn and practice but are still not getting the fishing results you want but every day is a new day and an opportunity to catch the big one. So tomorrow you come back and try again learning from your mistakes from the day before. Then again next week until you catch that big one. 

Lesson: Learn from your mistakes

Just Let It Go

Sometimes in fishing you have to release the fish back for a number of reasons. This is difficult sometimes especially if you have been waiting patiently for your prize. Similarly, in life you may not always get what you want as well

Lesson: Sometimes the things we think we want are what we actually need to throw back.

Timing is Everything

To ensure your fishing success you would go in the early morning or evening because the weather is more comfortable and the fish won’t see your shadow. In life, there is also a right time for everything and being able to determine that will increase your likelihood of success

Lesson: There is a right time for everything