What Sturgeon Fishing Charters do you offer?

We offer the following sturgeon fishing trip packages: 4 Hour Sturgeon Fishing Trip 6 Hour Sturgeon Fishing Trip 8 Hour Sturgeon Fishing Trip

Want more information on sturgeon fishing?

We’ve put together a post providing additional information on sturgeon fishing


How to choose a sturgeon fishing guide

We’ve created a short guide to help to choose your next sturgeon fishing guide


When is the best time to book my trip?

If you are wondering when then best time to book your trip is, you’re in luck!

Follow these links to our Sturgeon and Salmon pages where we list availability and Prime Season times are to target your preferred species.

Sturgeon Peak Fishing Times

Salmon Peak Fishing Times

What if someone in the party doesn’t know how to fish?

No problem. I am blessed with the ability to teach even the greenest of fishermen. My learning techniques will have you relaxed and fishing like a pro in no time, and i will work with you til you have it mastered.

Can I bring my own gear and rods?

Absolutely. Although we supply all rods, gear and waders, there’s nothing quite like the comfort of your own stuff, and catching the fish of a lifetime on your own gear makes it all that more special.

How do I bring my fish home?

We suggest that you bring a cooler filled with ice and keep it in your vehicle. When you fishing day has ended you can then transport your catch home.

How do I get a BC Fishing License?

You are able to get your Freshwater Licenses and Saltwater Licenses on-line prior to your adventure. Please note that if you will be fishing for Sturgeon that you will have to purchase a White Sturgeon conservation tag and if you are fishing for Salmon then you will need to purchase a salmon tag

Click here to get your BC Freshwater License online

Click here to get your BC Saltwater License online

What should I bring on my trip?

You should bring weather appropriate clothing , camera (to capture your fish of a lifetime), and lunch. We can also provide a tasty lunch for an additional charge.