Sturgeon Fishing Report – Fishing Remains Strong!

Sturgeon fishing has remained strong over the last few weeks and I have been averaging 12-18 fish a day. Most of the action seems to be in the morning, with a bit of a lull in the afternoon which is good  because by that time my clients arms need a rest. The Sturgeon are still feeding in the shallows an I have been fishing depths as shallow as six feet of water. I have even witnessed Sturgeon feeding in as little as 18 inches of water. With its tail sticking out of the water as it swam.

Having good bait has been paramount in ones success. Second rate bait and you may be having a slow day. Where does one get the prime fresh bait of choice? Well, a guy needs some secrets.
River level has dropped slightly, which is perfect for Sturgeon fishing. The dropping river level has also reduced the amount of debris in the river, making it a little more forgiving for the less experienced to navigate.  The Fraser River will get much higher in the next month or so as the snow begins to melt up county.

Sturgeon Fishing Freshet