Wow ! Where did October go? We have all been so busy on the river it seemed to go by in the blink of an eye.

Fishing this month has been nothing short of amazing, and the fishing should continue to be good right through November. We have been averaging 10-20 sturgeon in the boat per day, and the Chum salmon are here in full force, with easy limits for everyone.  Coho were a bit late this season, but are coming in strong now with only hatchery fish allowed for retention.

October is the month to be using chum roe as bait for Sturgeon. Get yourself some panty hose and tie up some roe balls. I like to use “Magic Thread” to tie them. Some people may prefer using “Spider Thread.” Although both achieve the same outcome, I personally find Magic Thread a little easier to work with. Try to make your roe balls about the size of a walnut to golf ball, any larger is a waste of roe as it doesn’t work any better.  As for where to find the fish, that will require some effort on your part. They are everywhere, just search them out and you will find them.

When fishing for Chum salmon, they can be caught on a variety of methods from fly fishing to spoon fishing, I find the most best method to be fishing a jig under a float, with pink and black/purple being the most effective colours. Chum are aggressive biters and hard fighters, 20 plus fish days are the norm. One will definitely sleep well after a day of chum fishing.

Which leads us to my personal favorite salmon, Coho. One can fish for Coho using a variety of methods, fly fishing, casting/retrieving lures, popping jigs and the old stand by….bar fishing. Colors and preferred methods can vary from river to river so a little R&D may be required on the anglers part. Look for slow moving or still water, and as a rule if i cant see the bottom i don’t usually fish it.  Please remember that only hatchery coho may be retained, they are identified by a missing Adipose fin.

I truly hope everyone has a chance to get out and experience the amazing fishing opportunities that October and November has to offer. We still have spaces available for those looking to get out on the river.

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