Well it is now almost mid way through the month of may and we have had some fantastic weather, and some not so great as well.Sturgeon fishing seems to have gotten a little spotty with the fish sometimes playing hard to get.  With that in mind we have still been catching fish everytime out.

There have been quite a few bait fish showing up which is very positive as the bigger sturgeon seem to key in on them. This will make for some very interesting fishing as these bait fish are often taken quite aggressively. Very seldom does one look at the rod and say “I think we’re getting a bite.” It’s more of a”Grab that rod before it’s ripped out of the holder!!! ” kind of bite.

Also the water levels have been quite stable this spring with very little freshet. This would lead me to expect some spectacular fishing this season, for both sturgeon and salmon.

If you’re thinking of a guided trip this spring don’t hesitate to drop us a line at 604 792 1382 and can arrange every aspect of your trip. come enjoy a relaxed day on the river with some good friends, what better way to spend a day.

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