Well, I must admit I have been a little late getting this fishing blog out.  I have had steelhead on the brain, and that condition can make even the most level headed fisher person lose all rational thought.  I do however hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season.

The last two weeks of December produced some consistent steelhead fishing.  I was hooking fish almost every time out, managing to get a few to the beach. Then came January, and for me at least, fishing seemed to slow right down. However, the rains came, and with the rising water levels so did the steelhead. Fishing seems to be consistent again, and hard work is not without it’s rewards.  I find trout beads and pink rubber worms to be my best baits, but ask ten fishermen what their favorite bait is, and you are likely to get ten different answers.  Such is the way of the steelhead.

Now lets talk sturgeon. Sturgeon fishing this Winter has been nothing short of epic , with 12- 20 fish in a day the norm.  Top baits for sturgeon have been Chum salmon roe, single eggs and lamprey eel. The sturgeon have been stacked up at select spots, all one has to do is locate the fish , and then its “game on”. The nice part of sturgeon fishing this time of the year is there is very little fishing pressure and its not uncommon to see no other boats during the days fishing.

Also, Apring is just around the corner, which means the best steelheading of the season. Some killer sturgeon fishing is also on its way. During the month of May the eulachin ( a type of smelt) will begin making is way up the Fraser River to spawn. This is the Sturgeons first feast of the season, bringing the big boys out to feed. Sturgeon fight particularly hard at this time of the year, making it a great start to the fishing season.  Be sure to book your Spring fishing trip so you don’t miss out!