The Fraser river is on the drop and the water clarity is looking great. The water temp has been around 63 degrees and the barometric pressure has been steady, which is a recipe for some great Sturgeon fishing. We are also seeing quite a few sockeye salmon in the Fraser River, and the the Sturgeon will be starting to feed on them which will make for some very fat fish.



Baits of choice have been headless Pike Minnow, Salmon meat, and salmon eggs.



Sturgeon fishing has been really productive for the last two weeks. We have been hooking 6-8 fish a day, with very few fish under the five foot mark. We have been catching fish in the 7-8 foot range in a daily basis. Which has made for some very happy clients!

The Sturgeon have been quite acrobatic lately, almost every fish we have hooked has been jumping clear of the water. If you’ve never seen a 300lb fish clear the water on the end of your line, it can be a heart stopping experience.

Stay tuned for next weeks Fraser River Sturgeon report. Tight lines everyone!