The Fraser River has been filling up with sockeye for a while now. We can finally fish sockeye for the first time in 4 years. This has made anglers happy because they can now try and put some tasty salmon in the freezer. Sockeye is one of the most sought after salmon for table fair, but people aren’t the only ones that enjoy eating this tasty salmon. Sturgeon also look forward to dining on sockeye. Its a common misconception that sturgeon are strictly bottom dwellers and scavengers. This may be true to a certain degree, but Sturgeon are also highly efficient predators. They come up of the bottom and hunt, looking for sockeye to eat. Sturgeon actually hunt and catch pretty much everything that comes into, or lives in the river. From eulachons, crayfish, lamprey, salmon and even freshwater clams.

Right now Sturgeon fishing remains outstanding, we are still averaging 6-9 fish a day hooked, with many more bites. Fresh sockeye is the bait of choice. there is no hesitation when the sturgeon smells the bait. Bites have been quite violent, with, on many occasions, the rod just folds over and line is screaming off the reel. In fact most clients have trouble getting the rod out of the holder because the fish is pulling so hard. A problem few people complain about. With the water being a touch on the warmer side the sturgeon are fighting extremely hard. I had one young lad from Ontario who made it his mission to fish Sturgeon on the Fraser River, his second fish of the day ended up being a 358 lb monster that cleared the water on its first of eight jumps. We were only rising for five minutes when he hooked his first fish, a feisty six footer that was lost on its second jump, then hooking the 8’ 4” monster after 15 minutes of recasting the lines. The average size of the Sturgeon has been five to six feet, with fish in the seven foot range daily.

If one decides that this is something they have to experience, then now is the time. You will not be disappointed.

Tight Lines Everyone!