Fishing Resolutions

Yes, it’s July and not the usual time to make resolutions but I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I believe that you can make changes any time of the year. Why wait for some date to get the ball rolling! I’ve been so busy the first months of the year that I’ve only gotten around to thinking about any changes or improvements I can make. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I live and breathe fishing. So no one will be surprised that my resolutions are also related to fishing.

Fish in the moment.

So many times we fail by trying to do the same thing as some time in the past to get the same result. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t. There are many factors involved in fishing and it’s difficult to predict or control all of them. Now I’m working hard to just fish the way that feels best and to trust my instincts.

Make sure our fish stories are backed by pictures.

I’ve had so many great catches where I’ve gotten so caught up in the moment that I’ve forgotten to snap a quick picture. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it sure beats using your hands to tell the story too.

Enjoy life more.

This is a no-brainer. I’ll enjoy life more by spending more time on the water, catching more and bigger fish and enjoying bragging about it.

Be more active.

Calorie Count says you burn from 170 to about 408 calories an hour fishing, depending on whether you are sitting in a boat or wading the shoreline. I guess I need to go fishing more often to stay in shape then…

Eat healthier. Eating fish is an important part of a healthy diet. Fish is rich in vitamins and low in fat and fish contains protein we need for strong bodies. It is also an excellent source of nutrition for proper growth and development.

Get more organized.

I’m finally going to check out the latest tackle box designs and fishing-rod socks. Also remember to ensure your fishing-get-away kit includes sunscreen, insect repellent, water and a personal flotation device if you are boating. Finally, don’t forget to leave a float plan with someone who knows when you should be back.

Try something new on the water.

I’ve never met an angler who doesn’t want to learn something new, like where to go, what new lure to try, the best color for local conditions, or a new technique

We’ll see you out on the water!

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